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SACD "non hybride" - Stéréo et multicanal

James Taylor
Hourglass - CS67912

This is 5.1 SACD of James Taylor's Hourglass will bring you closer to this Grammy Award winning singer / songwriter's music than ever before. Original co-producer/engineer Frank Filipetti's bold Re-mix of the album, which places James' vocal only in the center front speaker, gives the artist an uncanny presence.
As is he were performing right in front of you !


Midori / Eschenbach / Imai Mozart
Sinfonia Concertante ; Concerto in D for viloin, piano and orchestra - SS89488

Eight-time Grammy Award winner Steve Epstein's 5-channel production of violin virtuoso Midori and conductor/pianist Christoph Eschenbach is the first original multichannel DSD recording by Sony Classical.
Close your eyes and hear the soloists and orchestra perfectly placed on SACD's soundstage.


Miles Davis
Kind Of Blue - CS64935

Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue is arguably the most important recording in Jazz history. Recorded in 1959 on a three-track all-tube analog recorder, the front three channels reproduce the exact location of the musicians in the studio. Rear "ambient" channels were added only to re-create the actual reverberation times of the original space.


Roger Water
In The Flesh - C2S85235

This two-disc 5.1 SACD puts you in the audience of Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters' critically acclaimed U.S. Tour. Masterfully produced, recorded and mixed for 5.1 SACD by long-time collaborator James Guthrie, "In The Flesh" is the most comprehensive collection of Roger Waters' music ever recorded Live. Soon to be available on DVD-Video !